Follea F-Monde Information

The World’s First Ultra-Premium Truly Multi-Ethnic Hair Brand. F-MONDE by Follea®

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Follea is synonymous with the world’s most beautiful, silky, straight with natural body, ultra-premium, fine European hair. It is stunning, But it is not for everyone. Caucasian, African-American, African, Latin, Asian, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Follea Clients have all asked us to create a world-class natural wave, multi-ethnic Wig & Hairpiece collection, with premium quality hair, that closely replicates their desired look. We think we have achieved that goal with F-MONDE by Follea.

F-monde features Follea’s new World Preferred™ hair – the best naturally wavy hair we can find sourced from our best hair collectors around the world. We are prepared to pay premium prices for the rarest hair.

Each piece is double-drawn consistent and beautiful. These wigs are not permed (except the “Relaxed” hair which is treated with Follea’s proprietary process). This new Brand is designed and crafted by the same Follea fabrication Team, to create truly world-class Wigs & Hairpieces

Follea offers a multi-ethnic limited edition collection of wigs made in two unique textures both made with European ponytail hair. Our relaxed hair is available in the Gripper Lite and Actif and has the movement and manageability of European hair, with that ‘relaxed’ look and ‘just pressed’ sheen, even after washing, through our proprietary NaturPerm™ system.

Our Extra Body texture has a natural versatile wave that can be styled from soft, beachy waves to a tighter scrunched curl. It is a natural texture, not permed, and can be special ordered in most all Follea caps.

*We greatly encourage you to "borrow" one of the Follea Starter Kits to try on the caps and view/touch the color rings before ordering.

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