Follea Maintenance and Care Instructions

Wondering how often you should cleanse your FOLLEA®?

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • How active are you in your wig or hair topper?
  • Do you work out in your FOLLEA®?
  • Do you wear your FOLLEA® daily or 1-3 times per week?
  • Do you add hair care products to style and finish your wig/hair topper?

If you wear your FOLLEA® daily or add hair care products, then washing a wig or hair topper once a week would be ideal. For those who are occasional wig wearers, a cleanse once every two – four weeks would be the perfect option. No matter what, wig care and washing your FOLLEA® is at your discretion; do what makes you feel and look like your inner queen.

To Begin Washing a Human Hair Wig, Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Bowl/tub
  • Brush or wide tooth comb
  • Shampoo, we recommend a professional shampoo with hydration or moisture
  • Conditioner, we recommend a professional conditioner with hydration or moisture

Step 1: Prepping your FOLLEA® for Wig Washing:

  • Check the clips and combs to make sure no hair is caught in them and comb/brush back
  • Be sure to grasp the wig from the scalp against your hand and detangle your hairpiece

Step 2: Shampooing your FOLLEA®:

  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water
  • Stir in a small amount of professional shampoo into the water and mix well
  • Dip your wig/hair topper in the soapy water a few times
  • Gently squeeze excess water from the wig/hair topper
  • Refrain from brushing the wig/hair topper during the shampooing process

Step 3: Rinsing your FOLLEA®:

  • Drain and refill with clean lukewarm water
  • Stir in a small amount of professional conditioner into the water and mix well
  • Dip your wig/hair topper into the mixture until completely wet
  • At this point, you may brush it through. Start from the bottom, making your way up to the crown

Step 4: Conditioning your FOLLEA®:

  • Drain and refill with clean lukewarm water
  • Stir in a small amount of professional conditioner into the water and mix well
  • Dip your wig/hair topper into the mixture until completely wet
  • At this point, you may brush it through. Start from the bottom, making your way up to the crown

Step 5: Rinsing your FOLLEA®:

  • Drain and refill with clean water for rinsing
  • Dip your hairpiece in and out while gently squeezing excess water from wig/hair topper after each dip
  • Repeat dip process 4-5 times

Step 6: Prepare your FOLLEA® for Hair Styling

  • Wrap your FOLLEA® hair in a towel, like a sushi roll, and squeeze (do not twist!)
  • Brush hair from the hairline, away from combs and clips
  • Secure to a FOLLEA® Perfect Care Mannequin head, making sure the wig/hair topper is centered on the head
  • Pin the wig/hair topper through the poly tabs, if poly tabs are not present, pin on the ribbon along the perimeter (FOLLEA® Tip: Do not pin on lace directly to prevent possible tearing of the lace)
  • Brush from the bottom working your way up
  • Part hair where desired; brush hair away from face or according to your liking

Your wig washing tips are complete and your FOLLEA® is now prepped for hair styling!

Are You Ready to Get Fresh?

Here are a few more FOLLEA® human hair wig care tips:

  • For a more defined curl or wave, scrunch the bottom
  • To reveal the natural movement of the hair, you may gently shake the wig/hair topper
  • For height, brush hair back
  • For more volume and defined curls, let the hair dry horizontally
  • For more overall volume, let it dry upside down
  • We recommend minimal hair care products to reduce dryness and ensure longevity

At FOLLEA®, We Highly Discourage:

  • Over washing! It will not only dry out the hair, but also shorten the lifespan of your 100% human hair wig or hair topper
  • Placing your FOLLEA® to dry near a window or vent to minimize frizz
  • Moving or touching until completely dry to keep the desired hair pattern intact and reduce tangles
  • Swimming in your FOLLEA® for protection against chlorine and other harsh chemicals
  • Sleeping in your FOLLEA® to prevent natural hair tangling

We hope our human hair wig care and maintenance tips were helpful and we cannot wait to see your finished results!

More helpful tips

When it comes to FOLLEA wigs maintenance and Topettes, proper wig care is key. Please follow our wig care instructions to keep your piece in the best possible condition.

You should wash your wig or Topette only as needed. First, secure it to a mannequin head to prevent any slipping during the washing process. Attaching the piece to a mannequin head before washing is the most important step to avoid inversion of the hair through the cap.

We recommend using a rubberized, plastic block head as opposed to a Styrofoam head. FOLLEA Perfect Care Mannequins™ are ideal for this purpose and due to its small size and shape; the wig cap will avoid becoming stretched. FOLLEA mannequins are extremely durable and come with a table clamp for easy styling, making them the perfect companion for your FOLLEA hairpiece. Simply secure the wig to the mannequin head using several small sewing pins strategically placed at the nape and temple areas.

  • Follea does not recommend the following
  • Swimming in your FOLLEA
  • Applying conditioner to the roots
  • Applying hair spray
  • Sleeping in your FOLLEA

Wetting the Hair

Once the hairpiece is secured to the mannequin head, wet the hair by allowing water to run down in the natural direction of the hair from crown to ends. Be careful to always rinse using this simple method.

Tips:  Do not use circular motions while wetting hair.   Run water close to the hair.


Place a quarter size amount of shampoo into your hands. Working gently with your fingertips, squeeze the hair to lather the shampoo. Avoid using circular motions while lathering the hair. In addition, be sure to shampoo the inside of the cap. Rinse thoroughly and repeat a second time to ensure your FOLLEA is free of residue buildup. 

Tips: For best results, we recommend using salon quality restorative shampoos and conditioners.


Rinse the hair thoroughly a second time to ensure all shampoo is removed. As before, accomplish this by running water down from the crown to the ends. Rinse until the water runs clear. This process will take a few minutes.


Applying a generous amount of conditioner starting at the nape and working up toward the roots stopping just short of the roots by a half of an inch. Move your hands through the hair gently to evenly distribute the conditioner. Allow the conditioner to absorb into the hair for 3 to 4 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the hair. If you find that a very deep conditioning is necessary, we can provide this service for a slight fee.

Remove Excess Moisture

Remove the wig from the mannequin. Wrap the hairpiece carefully in a towel, then gently remove excess water by squeezing from root to tip. Comb through the hair using a wide-tooth comb and allow the cap of the wig to air dry.


To style, blow dry the hair using the cool setting. Keep in mind, the more blow drying and heat styling tools being used, the faster the wig will become dry and/or damaged. ​Cool blow drying will cause the least possible harm to the hair. Air drying is also an option for a more natural look.

​Tips: If you choose to make the choice to use thermal tools, always apply a thermal protectant to the hair before styling. We recommend a salon quality protectant product.

With proper care and maintenance your FOLLEA wig or Topette should provide years of beauty and confidence.  If you should find that your piece eventually needs attention or repair, we will be happy to do so.