How to Curl Your Follea

Follow our tips on how to best style your Follea for the most luxurious curls.

Our expert Follea stylists have these tips to share with you when it comes to curling your Follea:

  • Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your Follea
  • The closer to the root you start the curl, the stronger the curl will last
  • Hold your curling iron vertically for looser curls
  • Hold your curling iron horizontally for bouncier, tighter curls
  • For soft curls, brush out the curls with a large tooth comb right after curling each piece of hair
  • Use a tourmaline curling iron (as seen in the video below) to leave hair shiny and smooth
  • Curl your hair away from your face on either side to create a more natural, voluminous look
  • Let your hair gently slide off the curling iron